What to Do If Your Mac Sound is Not Working?

What to Do If Your Mac Sound is Not Working?

Are you encountering sound problems while operating on your Mac? Are you looking for troubleshooting techniques to get a relief from Mac sound problems? Is your Apple computer’s sound system not working properly? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, then take a look at the troubleshooting techniques that are describe below.

How to Fix Mac Sound Not Working Problem?

The pointers given below will help you how to solve no sound problem on you Mac.

Step 1: Play a Song on Your Mac

Firstly, you need to determine whether there is actually a sound problem on your Mac by playing a song on iTunes. Launch iTunes, select songs and choose a track that you want to play. If there is no sound and the bar is moving forward, then there is actually a sound issue.

mac sound is not working

Step 2: Increase the Volume

Secondly, you need to check that the volume isn’t low. If it’s low, then press the volume up button and raise the volume. When you will increase the volume, an overlay will display on the screen. In case, your keyboard’s volume key is not working, then go to the Menu bar and increase the volume by selecting the volume option.

Step 3: Use Another Music App

Try playing a song on some other music app or play a YouTube video. There is a chance that the sound is turned off in the music application that you are using. Either turn on the sound on that app or play some other video to determine whether there is a sound problem or not.

Step 4: Reboot Your Mac

Try restarting your Mac. Sometimes the Mac sound is not working issue gets resolved by restarting the computer system.

Step 5: Disconnect Any Headphones Attached

Also, ensure that audio accessories like headphones or earphones are not attached to your Mac computer. Maybe you are not able to hear any sound on your system’s internal speakers because earphones are attached to it. Once you remove them, you will be able to hear a sound on internal speakers of your Mac.

mac sound is not working

Step 6: Disconnect Other Devices

Dis join any other devices that are connected to your Mac such as USB devices, HDMI, and thunderbolt. If any wires are connected to any of the ports on your Mac, then disconnect those wires immediately.

Step 7: Clean the Debris From Your Headphone Port

Remove all the dirt from your headphone jack if there is any. There is a possibility that some debris is deposited in the port, which is causing the no sound problem. Blow into the port to remove all the dirt that is present. Connect your headphones to your Mac and hold one of the volume buttons simultaneously. Check if this solves the no sound problem.

Step 8: Update Your Mac

Moreover to get rid of Mac sound is not working problem, you need to see if you are running the most recent version of Mac operating system.

Step 9: Turn Off the Sound Controller and Then Turn It Back On

Launch the Activity Monitor and then navigate to the list of processes. There, search for ‘coreaudiod’. This will restart the sound controller and see if that solves the problem.

mac sound is not working

Step 10: Uncheck Mute in System Preferences

Go to system preferences and select sound. See if the mute option right next to output volume is checked or not. If it is checked, then you must uncheck it right away. Also, check that the slider of output volume is towards the right side.

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