Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems?

Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems?

Mac’s don’t go bad and they can do good in the long run. The Apple computers are made in a way in which they don’t have any issues with them in the long run. But some customers are not so lucky, they can face some weird issues that will make their Mac computers unusable. If you are a Mac user and facing some issues where your Mac has stopped working and searching for solutions, then I will help you with the troubleshooting tips for Mac startup problems.

1st Problem: Grey or Blue Screen in MAC Startup Mode

You just switched on your Mac and you see the blue screen or a grey screen or the screen just stops at Apple logo and never boots the full OS, then it can be a major issue. This can be an issue where it can be the most irritating as the solution to this issue is not easy. To fix this issue you need to do these steps.

Disconnect everything from USB and other ports: This can be the problem as all the devices connected with your Mac is incompatible, like an external hard disk or a printer. Just take out every type of peripheral. You can leave the mouse and keyboard. Now restart your Mac. If the mac restarts perfectly then you know there is some problem with devices.

Now, connect one device at a time and restart. Check all peripherals like this. It will take some time, but you know which device is not working properly. Maybe upgrading the firmware of that particular device will help.

Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems

Safe Boot: Safe Boot is like Safe Mode for Windows but with Mac. In Safe Boot, the Mac only with the drivers and programs that are necessary for simple working. During Safe Boot, Mac will check all the disks for errors. To go into the safe boot just Press Shift key till the Apple logo disappears. When the computer starts in this mode, just restart it normally. Sometimes, by just using safe boot, the problem gets fixed by itself. If that does not fix the problem, then the solution is Hard disk.

Disk Utility: If there are still problems occurring in the Mac, then you can be certain to run disk utility and check out the hard disk.

  • Firstly, boot Mac with Command + R. If the OS version is Snow Leopard or older, then search for the Installation CD, Insert that CD in drive and reboot Mac.
  • Go to Disk Utility
  • Select the main drive and tap on Verify. Now, you have to wait for the disk utility.
  • If some problems arise then you to select Repair Disk
  • If nothing comes. Then click on Repair Permissions and wait for the full scan to complete.
  • If the utility founds problems and fixes it then reboot the system.

The Disk utility can solve the problem if there is some problem and fixes it. The problem can be caused by one file where one file is causing the system to become unstable. If you have not fixed your Mac, then don’t worry.

2nd Problem: Continuous Beach Ball in Mac Startup

This is another problem where the beach ball that just keeps spinning and does not disappear. If there is some problem with the application, then the fix is easy but it will be the issue leading to a big problem. If the beach ball issue is continuous then do this:

Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems

Checking the Activity Monitor-

If the Mac is overloaded with apps and programs, then it can show this beach ball in continuously spinning mode. For that, you need to do the following and open the Activity Monitor and check which program is becoming the problem.

  • If you see some app causing this issue then force close that program by pressing Command + Option + Esc
  • Go to the activity monitor by going into Applications & then Utilities
  • Now whenever you see the problem of overload and continuous beach ball, just go to Activity Monitor and close the program that is using 100% resources.

Sometimes the programs like Photoshop or Premiere Pro that can cause the problems and take up huge amounts of RAM. Sometimes simple programs can also hog up huge ram and cause the system overload with servers used for file syncing eg. Adium, then these software’s are the cause of the problem.

Get that Hard Disk Space Back-

Firstly, go to trash and select the option of Empty Trash. This can be the issue that is the problem of the spinning ball continuously.
After that go into your downloads folder and clear the file that is not used by you.

These two are the steps through which you can free up the hard disk space.

Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems

3rd Problem: Kernal Issue in Mac Startup

This can be the problem when you see the grey and black kernel screen of panic, this can cause panic and you can become completely helpless in this situation. When there is some problem with the operating system you get the kernel panic.

Rebooting Help: In major cases, the kernel panic can be solved by rebooting the computer. In Kernal panic, the computer reboots automatically.

Updating All the Apps: Generally updating the operating system can solve this problem. To update go click on Apple Logo at the left and select the option of Sofware Update.

These are the main Troubleshooting tips for Mac startup problems.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems
Mac’s don’t go bad and they can do good in the long run. The Apple computers are made...

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