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How to Transfer Photos & Video from iPhone to Mac?

How to Transfer Photos & Video from iPhone to Mac?

If you are wondering how you can transfer videos and images from your iOS device to your Mac computer before deleting them from your iOS devices, then here we are available with 6 different methods to do so.

If you are thinking of freeing up some space from your mobile device then you should create a backup of all the data that you are planning to remove from your device. You can also transfer all the data to some other mobile device or computer system. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with a multitude of ways using which you can transfer photos & video from iphone to Mac.

There are several ways that one can follow to send videos and images on Mac. Additionally, you can do so by using a number of services and applications.

Go Through the Following Solutions and Choose the Solution that Works out Best for you:

transfer photos & video from iphone to mac

1) Cloning Videos and Snaps Using Photos:

If you have a USB wire, then the easiest way to transfer photos & video from iphone to mac is by connecting your iPhone and Mac computer using a USB wire. The moment you will connect the two, the photos application will open up by default. You may also have to confirm that the source that your smartphone is connected to can be trusted.

In case the folder of photos does not open up on its own, then you can navigate to it and open it manually. The photos application will show up all the photos that are saved in your iPhone’s gallery. Click on import all photos to transfer the data.

Alternately to transfer photos & video from iPhone to mac, you can select all the images one by one. Once the transfer is successfully completed, then you can erase all the photos and videos from your iPhone. People generally use USB wire to charge the mobile device. In case you don’t want the photos folder to open up when you connect the device, then you can turn off that option.

transfer photos & video from iphone to mac

2) Image Capture:

Use the image capture software to transfer photos & video from iPhone to mac . This application was particularly created for the purpose of transferring images from devices and scanners when we did not have iPhone. Although this app is not in use anymore due to the advent of advanced technology.

Nevertheless, this application is useful for photographers who use photography apps for their work. They also use this app for organizing pictures separately.

This application is used to transfer photos & video from iphone to mac that one does not want to keep on the device any longer. If you don’t want to store this image for later use, then you can use this app to move the photos and videos to the Mac.

Connect your mobile device to the Mac. There you will see the images with some technical details written right below it like aperture settings and file size. Just give the command of import all to receive all the files. This app also has a great feature that allows the user to erase the images within the app only. It will transfer all the images to your Mac computer’s image folder. This is pretty useful if you want to create different folders to keep the images.

transfer photos & video from iphone to mac

3) Use iCloud Photo Library:

If you have signed into your Apple iCloud photo library, then all your data will be stored on the library. So, if you want to make some room for other data on your device, then you can delete the pictures from your iPhone as you can see the pictures you clicked any time you want on Mac.

You will not have to subscribe for an iCloud storage plan for using the photo library. There is free 5 GB space available on your photo library. But generally photos occupy space of more than 5 GB. If that is the case, then you will have to pay 79 bucks per month to get 50 GB space. To use the photo library all you have to do is to sign into excel. Go to settings on the home screen of your iPhone. Go on the top of the page and enter your Apple ID for signing in.

So, these were some of the ways that you can use to transfer the data from phone to your Mac. You are available with other methods as well such as AirDrop, iCloud photo stream, iMessage or email.

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