How to Take Screenshot on Mac Whole Screen

How to Take Screenshot on Mac Whole Screen

Wondering to take screenshot on mac whole screen? It’s now too easy to get capture an entire screen shot, screen grab, print screen or whatever folks will call it. It’s incredibly too simple for our customers to take a screen grab on apple.

As suddenly, users face some specific errors while taking whole screenshot on Mac, and couldn’t captured for doing anything on it. We thankfully that all users will let know how to take a print screen on apple.

Several options are here available through which a user can take screenshot on Mac whole Screen with best easiest methods are described on this blog. Go through this and see how we captured an image into our system by taking a screen grab on apple mac.

Steps to Take Screenshot on Mac Screen as:-

Step 1 : First press the Cmd (as Command button of an apple laptop) + Shift + 3 Key of a mac keyboard.

Step 2 : Then let’s find out the print screen as a .png file into your desktop screen to a screenshot labeled along with a time/date.

Step 3 : Now keep to hold down the mac keys such as command + shift + 4. Thus, the cursor will spin into small reticulated pixel coordinate numbers to the lower left side of a device.

Step 4 : Then click or keep to hold the mouse or a track pad to drag your cursor, just to choose a rectangular area that you want to take a screenshot on mac. At last, press the Esc key to begin without fetching any pic.

Step 5 : To do so, release the click to take a screenshot. After that, get to save that given screenshot on your mac desktop screen.

Method for Taking a Screenshot of a Mac Window as Explain Below:-

  • First press these three keys of a mac keyboard as Shift +Command +4. The cursor will turn into a very small cross hair.mac technical support
  • Click or can drag your cursor for highlighting that particular area at which you want to take a screen grab. This will appear a Grey rectangle that your appear the screen at where you drag your cursor. If there is need to adjust your windows, then press the escape button for a regular cursor without taking a picture to take screenshot on Mac. Mac Keep
  • Now move your camera towards a mac device windows to highlight it.
  • Click on a mouse and a track pad. If want to cancel it, then press an Esc button before clicking on a track pad. Thus it works with a limited period offer.
  • At last, a user can easily find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop screen.

Now press or hold the space bar into a mac device. If you need to adjust the pointer to save all changes.

Thus the process is now completed. Hopefully all mac users will find an appropriate solutions from this website. Share all your doubts with us and if like then comment us.

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