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How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac?

How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac?

Most of the Mac users see a multi-colored spinning wheel on Mac. Their interface which leaves them helpless and annoyed about the whole system or current programs. Years back, it was observed that the OSX operating system used by Apple computers pushes a lock screen on the user interface due to the customized set of commands and features running in the background.

Longtime Apple users usually got a ticking watch system on their screen which indicated the thinking mode or lock mode of the Apple system while new Mac users can see a rainbow-colored wheel on their front which stays for minutes and disappears in case you got lucky.

You never know the cause of that wheeling circle and how to deal when you are locked out of your system or app. To help such a situation, this blog details you on why and when this color ball shows up and how to stop the spinning wheel on mac system.

What is the Significance of the stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac?

Officially known by different names as Spinning Wait Cursor, the Spinning Beach Ball of Death or SBBOD is a system indicator in Apple systems which depicts a minutes pause while handling a number of tasks at the same moment.

Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac

Every system app runs on a window server receiving multiple requests more than what it can process simultaneously. Just after 4-5 seconds, an app becomes unresponsive and triggers a spinning wheel on the screen.

What is the Cause of the Spinning Wheel on Mac?

There are countless reasons behind this spinning beach ball. Certain apps have a stand-alone issue causing them to pause and hang due to continuous interrupt requests by the user. The other cause can be faulty hardware or insufficient RAM.

Few might think of buying a new Mac is the only possible solution but in most of the scenarios, this issue can be fixed just by following the right system commands or software instructions. Let’s move further into the details to know about each possible issue and see how they can be fixed.

What are the Steps to be Executed to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac?

Generally, in order to unlock a frozen application or screen, the best practice applied by the user is “Force Quit”. The same applies here for fixing an application stuck with a spinning wheel cursor.

  1. Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select the Force Quit option or simply press (cmd+alt+esc) key combination. This will show you a dialog window listing all the active applications or programs of the system.
  3. Quickly choose the app that is causing a non-responsive interface.
    Click on the Force Quit button. This will forcefully shut down the selected application or program.

Note: Remember that shutting down the complete application or process is a brutal way to handle the freezing issues. While it fixes the issue at the moment but later causes execution problems in the program. Make sure that these accidental program glitches are not occurring further and affecting other programs or services of Mac system.

Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac

What to do When Application Keeps Freezing When You Reopen it?

If the freezing problem continues with the same application or program then you need to reset or reinstall that application. For Macs, you won’t find a proper uninstaller and wiping out the applications to the Trash bin leaves plenty of app files into the system which subsequently consumes system storage.

So if you will leave the trashed program files, the freezing issue will continue and the spinning wheel will show up on your Mac.

How to Uninstall an App or Reset to its Default Settings?

You have two ways to reset the installed apps in your Mac system. One is to lookup for Preferences or Settings options for that particular application. The second way when you are unable to find such options as the app continues freezing, is to use to a third-party solution like Clean My Mac X.

This is a tool designed for maintenance of Mac systems which cleans up all the unnecessary apps including reset and uninstallation.

How to Use Such a Handy App? Follow the Given Steps:

  • Download this app for Mac maintenance called CleanMyMac X.
  • Open the app and click on the Uninstaller.
  • Choose the app you want to reset from the list.
  • Now, click on the small arrow shown next to the application icon.
  • Click on Applications Reset option.

On using the app again, if you still find the beach ball rolling on your screen, try to reinstall it completely by pressing Uninstall instead or Reset button. Always remember the fact that trashing the hanging application to the Bin folder doesn’t resolve the issue, instead. it is left over with its installation files on your hard drive which can be only removed once you uninstall that particular app. In case you own the license for the paid app, save its license number somewhere for future use.

Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac

How to Deal with Unresponsive Mac?

There are various reasons causing a spinning loading ball due to the un-responsive system which involves:

  1. Issue: Overworked Processor

For cases when your system gets old and becomes slow to handle, it’s better to check the CPU usage under Activity Monitor. You can find this tool in the Applications/Utility folder or simply run a Spotlight search. Processor usage goes high when the system loads heavy applications like games or other multimedia.
Fix: To fix overworking processor buy a new Mac.

  1. Issue: Low Disk Space

An overloaded hard drive causes slow loading of the applications and system.
Fix: Use CleanMyMac X to clean up your hard disk space just in minutes. This app automatically locates the junk files that have been accumulating for months.

  1. Issue: Insufficient RAM

Another major reason for slow Mac is inadequate Random Access Memory. To know the usage status of your RAM, open the Activity Monitor application where you can find all the running apps that are constantly utilizing the memory.

Fix: Buy and upgrade your system RAM. Usually, 8 GB is more than enough for most tasks and applications. So, better not to pause yourself for seconds before considering action.

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