How to Setup Your New Apple MacBook Pro?

How to Setup Your New Apple MacBook Pro?

Have you just bought an all-new Apple Mac Book Pro? Great but are you unsure about its setup. Just after unboxing any gadget and especially an Apple device, most of the users are really very excited to gear up with its run. Isn’t that true? So this is how you can setup your new apple MacBook pro.

Setup Your New Apple MacBook Pro Using Simple Techniques:

Plug Into Source:

Plug Into Source of Macbook pro

Almost every brand new system comes with a bit of juice in the battery from its post-assembly testing. And you never know how long the system will survive since it left the factory. It will be unfortunate if the MacBook Pro loses its battery in between of the setup process.

If that happens you won’t restart its setup. Like its battery, your excitement levels will also go down. So be prepared before for any such case and plug the USB-C charger in and gear up for the next step.

Press the Power Button:

Press the Power Button of Macbook pro

In order to begin setup your new Apple MacBook Pro, you have to first start the system by pressing the power button at the top-most right key above the delete key. If you have a pre-2012 MacBook or MacBook Pro, you’ll find the button somewhere at the place of the DVD eject button.

Choose Your Country:

Choose Your Country in macbook pro

Now, You are required to select the country you live in so that the device configurations are done accordingly. Just after choosing a language. You will be asked to format the things like dates and time for the MacBook Pro.

Choose the desired preferences and day-month-year sequence like you can opt for a 24-hour time or AM/PM time format. These basic settings can be updated later also under the Language and Text section of control panel.

Choose Your Keyboard:

Choose Your Keyboard in macbook pro

The US QWERTY keyboard is one standard keyboard that most of us use with our device or system. You can go with the “Show All” option if you find it useful for your foreign purposes.

Connect to WiFi:

Connect to WiFi in macbook pro

The connection is one required aspects to setup your new Apple MacBook Pro. In the initial setup phase, the system will ask you to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Here you can choose a preferred router network from the list of SSIDs listed or choose the “use another network” option. If you want to use an Ethernet adapter or some other network. The MacBook Pro provides you with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter in it. So it is recommended to connect using a Wifi connection.

Migrate Your Stuff:

Migrate Your Stuff in macbook pro

Once you are completed with the basic setup of your Apple MacBook Pro. Then data and files is all you need to proceed with your work. The MacBook Pro allows you to migrate your accounts password, apps, documents, and environment from another Mac system.

The second way to transfer the data is by using a Thunderbolt cable and adaptor in order to connect your old Mac with the new one.

If you have used a Time Machine backup on your previous or older Mac. Then you can directly connect with the drive. Once you connect the drive and click next. You can choose a backup option to get back your old data into your new MacBook Pro.

Setup iCloud:

Setup iCloud in macbook pro

Cloud Storage is one major pre-requisite for Apple device users. For this, you have to log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password. This is equivalent to your .Mac or account if you were a veteran Apple user. If you are using a Mac for the first time. Then you have to create a new iCloud account now.

Once your account is created. You can enjoy the benefits of i Cloud’s free features. Like email, find my Mac, and Key chain password sync with iOS devices. You can use the same Apple ID for iTunes as well.

It is recommended to turn on the Location Services for your MacBook. This will help you to use “Find My Mac” feature in case you want to recover a lost MacBook Pro. If stolen or left somewhere.

Agree to Terms and Conditions:

Macbook pro Agree to Terms and Conditions

Agreeing to the terms and conditions stated by the device. System brand is an important and standard process to be done.

Choose a Username and Password:

Choose a Username and Password in macbook pro

You don’t want to give many efforts in making a name for MacBook? It’s okay. Mac will itself make one based on your full name. Which can be changed later. But you are required to set a password at same time. You can configure these security settings under the Users & Groups control panel.

Opt Out for Diagnostics & Usage:

Opt Out for Diagnostics & Usage in macbook pro

It is a good idea to enable and allow the bug reports in system settings. These bug reports help developers in fixing and updating the problems with macOS programs or the operating system itself. Uncheck these report bugs option if not required in your case.

Enable Siri:

Enable Siri in macbook pro

Siri is one well known automated assistant introduced with iOS by Apple. As you will be a new user to this MacBook Pro, you have to invest some power and interest to command Siri with little of multi-tasking.

Set up Touch ID:

Set up Touch ID in macbook pro

Another major feature of MacBook Pro is its Touch ID. With this feature, you can effortlessly log in without any password typing hassles. This is helpful in the case you are waking up the system from sleep mode.

You have to remember your password while you log in to the system for the first time after rebooting. This is surely a time-saving feature for you.

Enter Your Fingerprint to Enable Touch ID:

Enter your fingerprint to enable Touch ID in macbook pro

Just like on the iPhone, you have to tap and lift your finger several times to register all the arches, loops, and whorls, the same applies here. You can use your index fingerprint to enable Touch ID.

This is how you can setup Apple MacBook pro easily and in no time.

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