How to Set up Wi-Fi Printer on Mac?

How to Set up Wi-Fi Printer on Mac?

Set up Wi-Fi printer – Using a WiFi printer, you can print documents without directly connecting your wireless printer to Mac computer. These printers prove helpful at such place where physical wire connection is difficult to establish. Although the Set up Wi-Fi printer process with Mac computer is quite easy, just read this blog carefully and get to know the easiest method. Once your WiFi printer setup properly, you can add it to Mac OS X using built-in Print & Scan feature.

Let’s Have a Look at the Procedure for Set up Wi-Fi Printer on Mac OS X –

1. First of all, power on your WiFi printer. For connecting your printer to the network, finish the initial setup instructions. There are some online instructions that you have to follow, so don’t worry about them. For connecting to a wireless network, the password is needed, so type it accurately for connecting to the desired network.

2.Once you connect to WiFi network, first tap on Apple menu and then choose “Software Update” option. This process is necessary as it will detect if the newer version of the printer driver is available or not.

3.If printer driver’s latest version is not available then tap on Apple menu> System Preferences.

4. After this, move to Hardware section and tap on “Print & Scan” option.

Here, you will see “+” sign on the left side of Control Panel, just click on it.

Now a pop-up window will display on the screen, here first choose IP tab and then select Internet Protocol IPP from the list of protocols that are available.

5. Go to Printer’s IP address field box and type your WiFi printer ‘s IP address in it. Also, type queue name.

6. In next step, you have to choose a correct printer driver from the Printer model drop-down menu.

7. To finish setting up of your WiFi printer, just tap on “Add ” button. Next time, whenever you print any document, your WiFi printer will be shown as an “Available device”.

Don’t Forget to Check if Your WiFi Printer is Printing or Not –

Once your WiFi printer gets connected successfully to your system then print a test page.

For printing a  test page, open Text Edit and type some words and then tap on File> Print. If it prints properly then be ready to enjoy hassle-free printing with your WiFi printer.

On the other hand, if you can’t print then you can perform these basic troubleshooting measures –

Reset Printing System –

By resetting printing system, all printers, scanners, print jobs will get removed.

  1. Firstly choose Apple menu and then tap on System Preferences> Printers&Scanners.
  2. Hold down “Ctrl” button on the keyboard and click anywhere in the devices list.
  3. Now a  menu will pop-up on the screen, here select “Reset Printing System

Remove Printers Drivers –

If the problem exists after resetting printing system then remove printers drivers.

  1. Go to Finder’s menu bar and select Go>Go to Folder.
  2. To open Printers folder, type “/Library/Printers” and tap on Go button.
  3. Now, choose Edit and then Select All option. By doing this, all items will get selected in Printers folder.
  4. To put all selected items in the new folder, select File> New Folder with Selection. You can also delete this folder to save storage space.

If you find above information helpful then please share your experience with us. On the other hand, if any problem while setting up WiFi printer on Mac then don’t forget to ask your doubts and queries in the comment section.

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