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How to Recover Deleted Files on a Mac?

How to Recover Deleted Files on a Mac?

Everyone experiences a situation where they have accidentally deleted a file whether its personal pictures or some important documents. Unknowingly, you delete a file which wasn’t meant to. Some files remain on your hard disk space after deleting from the actual location while some get permanently deleted which are almost impossible to recover.

Well, if this issue has been encountered on Mac system then you should try a couple of methods to recover deleted files on a Mac. Whatever files you delete straightaway moves to the trash can on Mac, which can be easily restored.

Unintentionally, losing a file is a definite pain no matter what file it is. This blog brings you simple methods to get back your lost or deleted items on Mac PC.

Recover Deleted Files on a Mac:

Recover Deleted Files on a Mac

Recovering a deleted document in MacOS is simple, just find it inside the Trashcan or rubbish bin. For this, Click on the Trash icon shown at the right of the Dock. This will give a view to deleted files of your system.

In case there are multiple files and you are unable to find the exact file, simply search the file name in the Search box in the Finder window. Perform a search in the Trash folder, not in the Mac.

Once the targeted file is located inside the Trash, drag it out of Trash to desktop or any other part of the system by clicking “put back” option for the selected file. This recovers the deleted files on Mac from trash.

Note: When the hard drive storage gets full, Mac OS permanently removes or cleans up the Trash folder. You can even set a timer that will automatically clean Trash clutters after 30 days. For this reason, if you have deleted a file long time back then you won’t find them in the Trash folder.

Recover Deleted Emails on a Mac:

Recover Deleted Emails on a Mac

Recovery is important when you want to get back your deleted emails. This process is likely to be successful when you are using the default Mail app as the mails stay secured for at least a week before getting deleted. For this, you have to:

  • Open Mail App.
  • Locate the Trash folder.
  • Find your deleted email.
  • Click and drag it back to your Inbox folder.
  • If you are unable to perform this action in the Mail App, you can try performing the same through the website like Google mail.

Recover Deleted iTunes Songs on Mac:

Recover Deleted iTunes Songs on Mac

Apple iTunes is the application manager for an unlimited number of music files on Mac computers. The software saves and displays the music files in a simple and easy to use interface. All these music files are stored in the iTunes Music folder. This folder is located in the Home directory. To know the exact location, Open Finder >> Home directory >> Music >> iTunes >> iTunes Media >> Music.

When a user deletes a music file in iTunes, they have two options either to move the file in the Trash or keep it in the iTunes Media folder. Upon choosing the option Keep File, the file listing gets removed from the database inside iTunes, but it stays secured inside the iTunes Media folder. To locate the file you can go iTunes >> iTunes Music (or iTunes Media >> Music) folder. Check the deleted audio file in this specified folder.

If the file is found, drag it on top of the iTunes icon or an iTunes window to restore it back into iTunes. Now, open iTunes and click on Advanced Preferences option.

Ensure that the option ‘Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library’ has been ticked. While on choosing the option Move to Trash, the track remains in the Trash folder for some time. Drag out this audio file from Trash to the desktop.

This way, you can recover your audio files to iTunes. In case, the audio is not found in the Trash folder, then check your Time Machine backup or re-download it from the iTunes store. Still if you are unable to recover the deleted audio file, there is an option of downloading a data recovery program.

Recover Deleted Contacts in Mac OS:

Recover Deleted Contacts in Mac OS

When you have deleted any contact entry from the Contacts app in MacOS then tap on Edit >> Undo Delete Card. Ensure that you are doing this before editing the Contacts, or you’ll lose the card also. If you have Time Machine setup on your mac, try using it for recovering contacts.

Note: Apple’s Time Machine is the simplest way to backup your files on Mac. This application is installed as a part of MacOS and just requires initial setup. Once installed, Time Machine allows easy recovery of individual files.

Trashing a file doesn’t means an end of recovering possibilities. Whatever that goes into Trash folder, does not gets deleted. However, it is best to ensure the security of files by creating regular backups of your Mac. You can do that using in-built application, Time Machine allowing file or folder recovery.

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