How to Fix Macbook Pro Keyboard Not Working?

How to Fix Macbook Pro Keyboard Not Working?

There are certain users who are facing the issue of MacBook keyboard not working properly. On the other hand, there are users who are troubled with trackpad issues. A large number of Apple users are annoyed with both the problems. These problems don’t only persist in a certain kind of MacBook model but this issue also lies in Air and Pro models.

It does not matter whether the issue lies in a single key or all of them. If your keyboard is not working. Then your Macbook is absolutely useless.

Mentioned Below are Some of the Things That You can Try Out to Sort the Issue of Macbook Pro Keyboard not Working:

1) Clean Your Keyboard

macbook pro keyboard not working

This is one easy thing that you can try out. Whenever an Apple computer’s keyboard becomes unresponsive. Then cleaning the Apple keyboard is the best fix that one can use. Before you start the cleaning process, a straw and a can of compressed air are the two things. That you are going to need to clean the keyboard.

Once You have Gathered All the Required Materials. Then You can Proceed with Following the Given Steps:

  • Hold your Apple computer at 75 degree angle.
  • Spray your keyboard starting from left to right using compressed air.
  • Now rotate your MacBook in the rightward direction and then spray the keyboard again. Again spray it moving from left to right.
  • Repeat the same process by rotating the MacBook leftwards.

One of the major reasons why the MacBook keyboard stops working is the layer of debris or crumbs formed over the keyboard. This problem can be solved by using the compressed air.

2) Check Updates

The second thing that you need to check is to update your system. Some of the obvious reasons responsible for the problem of keyboard not working are outdated operating system, outdated drivers, or outdated firmware.

Once you have checked the updates. Open up the app store and click on the icon of updates. In case, the updates are available, click on the Update all button or update for installing them. You must check updates on your Macbook. This can be done by going to system preferences, App Store, and check for “Automatically check for updates” box. This will solve the issue of macbook pro keyboard not working.

3) Delete Recent Apps

macbook pro keyboard not working

Have you encountered the problem of macbook pro keyboard not working after downloading certain apps on your phone. If yes. Then we are here available with a solution. We all know that apps can create a conflict and bring things out of sync.

You must first delete the recent applications to check if your keyboard regains proper functioning. In case the keyboard problem does not get solved. Then you can reinstall the apps again. You can delete applications in one of the two ways i.e. either by using a Finder and Launchpad.

Delete Apps Using Launchpad

  • Click on the icon of launchpad
  • Place the pointer on the app. That you wish to delete and press and hold icons until they began to jiggle.
  • Press the button of delete.

Use the Finder to Delete the Apps

  • Under finder, go to applications and click on it.
  • Look for the application that you want to delete and move it from the folder of applications to trash.
  • Go to the finder and then go to trash for removing the application permanently.

Delete the Apps Using CleanMyMac

One can easily and quickly remove the applications manually. But it is not going to be comprehensive but the traces of the application can remain in the files. That are on your Mac. To completely remove any traces of the app, you can use the uninstall feature of CleanMyMac X’s.

  • First of all, download, install, and launch the CleanMyMac.
  • Now, click on the tab of uninstaller.
  • Now, click on view all apps
  • Check the box of the app that you wish to remove
  • After that click on uninstall

How to Solve the Issue of Trackpad Not Working on MacBook?

macbook pro keyboard not working

This is a strange tip and it has worked for some people. This is the simple step of turning off and then turning back on again fix that works in every case.

  • Restart your MacBook by going to the Apple menu.
  • When you are done rebooting, turn off the lid and put your MacBook back to sleep and leave it alone for the next 3 minutes.
  • Open the lid again and the trackpad will start working in a proper manner.

This tip is also helpful in case of keyboard not working problem. If you find that your keyboard is not working. Then that issue can be resolved by following this method.

1) Disable Force Click

In case the track pad on your Mac is not working because it fails to register clicks. Then you can try disabling force click.

2) Reset the Mac SMC

If you are having any power-related or hardware issues. Then these problems can be fixed by resetting the system management controller. How you are going to reset Mac. SMC is completely dependent on whether your MacBook has a detachable battery or not.

How to Reset SMC in MacBooks That Have Non-Removable Batteries?

macbook pro keyboard not working
  • Turn off your Mac computer.
  • Link it to the MacSafe adapter.
  • Press the power, option, control, and power button together at the same time.
  • Leave those keys and check if the Magsafe adapter changes color or not. If it does, then that means SMC reset has been completed successfully.

Possible Solutions for Solving the Problem of Trackpad and Macbook Pro Keyboard not Working:

Your MacBook is actually just a monitor. Here are some of the possible fixes that can resolve both keyboard and trackpad issues.

1) Delete .plist File

Property list files are the ones that a user uses for storing user preferences associated with the software. If you delete them. Then your trackpad and keyboard will return back to the factory default settings. Prior to moving forward with these steps. You need to create a backup of your MacBook.

  • Go to the finder and press the G, shift, and command key simultaneously.
  • Enter-Library/preferences/ and then select Go.
  • There are certain Plist files that you need to locate.
  • In the next step, delete all those files.
  • After that, you need to reboot your Mac.

2) Reset PRAM

Resetting parameter is similar to resetting SMC and this is a great solution in various cases.

  • First of all, you need to shut down your Mac computer.
  • Reboot your Mac computer and hold the command +option+P+R and keep on holding it until the grey screen appears.
  • Wait till you hear the sound of reboot and release the keys
  • Now, reboot the system in a normal way

So, these are some of the solutions that one can adopt to solve the problem of Macbook pro keyboard not working.

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