How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Problems on Your Mac?

How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Problems on Your Mac?

Apple products are the most popular products available in the market today. From smartphones to MacBook, Apple stands out in the tech industry in terms of quality. Nevertheless, Mac computers are not as good as Windows computers. Apple needs to bring something new to the table to reclaim its top position in the market.

To step up its game, Apple recently launched a new MacBook Pro series that has more RAM, true tone screen, and Coffee Lake processors. These models were designed to cater the needs of professional users who are looking for top notch hardware products.

In spite of having these amazing features MacBook Pro failed to fascinate the users in the initial week of its release.Tech professionals stated that Apple is aiming to reduce the rates of its pro products to increase its customer base.

MacBook’s speed doesn’t get affected with time because of its remarkable hardware and software. Nonetheless, the product has its own share of technical issues. Numerous users mentioned that they face a difficulty while connecting their Mac computer to BlueTooth devices such as speakers, Magic trackpad, and Magic mouse.

If You are also One of the People going Through the Same Problem, then Follow the Solutions Described Below to Resolve Your Issue.

Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac
Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac

1) Un-pair Your Bluetooth Devices and Then Repair Them-

To fix Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac, the best thing you can do is to unpair the device from your Mac and then repair it. This is how you can do it.

To repair your Bluetooth devices, go to the top of the screen and select Apple menu and then from the drop down menu select system preferences. Then, click on Bluetooth where you will view all the bluetooth devices. Select the device that you want to un-pair and then select un-pair. Now, repair the device that you unpaired and check if the problem is solved or not.

2) Delete Bluetooth Preference List of Your Mac-

In case the above-mentioned solution didn’t help you overcome the Bluetooth connection problem, then maybe you should try this method out. Remove the Bluetooth preference list from your Mac computer. Carry out the steps stated below to erase Bluetooth preference list.

Step 1: To start with, go to Finder window on your Mac computer and then go to preferences.

Step 2: After that, look for the file, namely, com.Apple.Bluetooth.plist. This will open up the Bluetooth preference list of your Mac.

Step 3: Now, relocate that file on your desktop. By doing so, a duplicate copy of the file will be created and there will not be any change in the original file.

Step 4: Return to the Finder Window. Select the file and then select the option of move to trash.

Step 5: Type in the administration password and then press enter. When you are done entering the password, close all the applications and reboot your Mac computer.

After the reboot process gets completed, try to connect your Bluetooth device to Mac. This will fix Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac. To connect your Bluetooth device to the Mac, all you have to do is to go to the Bluetooth preference pane, there you will see the device that you need to pair. Select the button of pair to do the pairing.

Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac
Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac

3) Reset the Bluetooth System of Your Mac

If the previous solution was also not able to produce results, then the last resort to fix Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac is to reset the Bluetooth system of your Mac. If you follow this method, then all your existing Bluetooth devices and settings will get deleted, which means you will have to do the setup one more time.

Step 1: Press option and shift keys to open the Bluetooth menu.

Step 2: Now, click on Debug and select Remove all devices. Then, press the options key and Shift key once again and select Bluetooth menu.

Step 3: Again, select debug and choose reset the Bluetooth module.

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