How to Fix a Mac with a Flashing Question Mark?

How to Fix a Mac with a Flashing Question Mark?

How to Troubleshoot a Mac When a Flashing Question Mark Appears on the Screen?

Are you seeing a flashing question mark in the middle of Mac’s screen?Although such problems usually arise during system startup.If you are also surrounded by this complex condition then you must understand that your system is unable to find its startup disk. On the other hand, there may be various potential reasons behind this problem but without worrying much you should try these simple techniques to fix your Mac that are described below.

Try These Fixes When a Dreaded Question Mark Appears on Your Mac’s Screen-

1. Start Mac from Mac OS X Installation Disc:

First of all, you have to insert Mac OS X installation disc into your system and then shutdown your system. If Mac does not shut down in a normal way then press the power button for a few seconds until the system shuts down. Now, restart Mac while pressing C key and wait for a while.

Once Mac restarts, navigate to Utility menu and choose Disk Utility. Use Disk Utility to carry out a disk repair of your Mac OS X. If any problem arises during disk repair then repeat the previous step. Once disk repair operation gets complete, restart your Mac.

2.Back up Your System Data Using Time Machine:

To back up your Mac data, use Time Machine that is an Apple software that comes with every Mac. By using Time Machine you can recover old Mac into new Mac without any problem.

If you have got Time Machine backup then navigate to Mac OS Utilities and then choose “Restore” option from the Time Machine Backup.

3.Delete Startup Disk and Reinstall Mac OS X:

Go to Disk Utility and erase Mac’s regular startup drive. Now boot your Mac OS X in recovery mode by using the external disk. After this, select the option “Reinstall Mac OS X” and then choose Mac’s original startup drive.

Once it is done, your Mac will restart. Now, again select migrate data option and then select external drive as the source where you want to move your data. Now you have to install a Mac OS X in a fresh way on startup drive.

4.Disconnect Network Cables and Restart Mac:

Shut down your Mac. If Mac is unable to shut down in normally then hold the power button for a couple of seconds. When Mac shuts down, you have to disconnect all devices that are connected to your system such as, ethernet cable, printers, hard drives etc. After disconnecting all devices, restart your Mac.

5. Reset PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory)/NVRAM (Non-volatile Random Access Memory):

To reset PRAM/ NVRAM, you need to shut down your system. If unable to do so then hold Mac’s power button for a few moments and wait until it shuts down.
Now, turn on your Mac and press Command+ Option+P+R keys simultaneously before appearing of the grey screen. Keep holding these keys until your Mac restarts and you hear the startup sound.

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