How to Fix a MAC that won’t Turn On?

How to Fix a MAC that won’t Turn On?

It can be a really frustrating thing to deal with when your computer system turns off and does not turn on after that. However, MAC is considered as one of the most reliable machine systems but like other systems, you can also come across certain errors while using MAC. There are errors that can cause obstructions in the booting process of the system and these errors of MAC wont turn on are not always caused because of the user.

Here we are available with the solutions using which you can resolve the errors persisting in the MAC operating system. The interfaces and menu that appears in front of you get a bit different but there is no change in the functioning.

1) Please Check That the MAC OS Turns ON

First of all, we need to find out what is that thing which is causing the error of MAC not turning on. Turn on your MAC computer system and if you don’t get to hear the voice of the chime or the noise of the drive and  there is no display, visuals, video, or images appearing on the screen, then your MAC computer is not turning on at all. If your MAC won’t turn on, then you may have to use the following approaches.

a) Check Connectivity to the Power Source

Please check that your MAC is properly connected to the power source. Also, if you are using a laptop, then ensure  that there is enough battery. Connect it to the power source if it requires charging.

b) Use a Different Adapter

It is possible that the power is the cause of the MAC won’t turn on issue.  If that is so, then you need to get another MAC power wire which connects with your machine perfectly. Check if it solves your problem of MAC wont turn on. You can also get a second hand power wire by shopping on eBay. There is a chance that your power adaptor got damaged because of the power cut. Then also you may need to get another power wire.

There is another possibility of wire being loose. Pull out the wire and then connect it back again.

c) Disconnect the Accessories Attached

Remove all the accessories that are attached to your MAC computer system. There is a chance that your peripherals are leading to the problem of MAC won’t turn on. In case you have installed a new drive or memory on your computer system, then check if it is fully compatible.  If these steps dont solve your issue, then you can reset SMC.

2) Try Performing Power Cycle

Performing power cycle can also relieve you from the issue of  MAC not turning on, which refers to forcing your MAC computer system to restart after forcefully cutting the power. If you have a Macbook, then you need to hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. You will hear a squeaky sound when you forcefully cut the power. Restart after 10 seconds and see if the issue is resolved.

In case your MAC is a desktop computer, then disconnect it from the power source and let it remain disconnected for the next 10 seconds and then connect it again and restart.

3) Check Display

There is a chance that your MAC is turning on but is not able to boot because it cannot have an access to the display. If that is the case, then the problem is with the display hardware. If the issue is with the monitor, then you can view the support document of apple to troubleshoot a display that is not working. Apple says that you must:

  • Check that it is getting proper power supply
  • You need to check that all wires are connected properly.
  • Also to solve the issue of MAC won’t turn on, see that your monitor is compatible with the MAC computer system.
  • Disconnect all the switches and display extenders that are between your monitor and MAC.  
  • Take out the video cable and connect it back.
  • In case you are using two or three computers, then you must disconnect the rest and stay connected with one that you are testing.
  • If possible, try using some other kind of display or adapter.
  • Additionally, Apple advises the user to try to turn on MAC on safe mode. Also, try adjusting system preference resolution.

4) Try Running Disk Utility in the Mode of Recovery

In case the Mac OS is still not loading, then that can mean that you are using a corrupted drive.  This problem can be resolved in the recovery mode. Initially, you need to try running disk utility. You can also run it in the recovery mode. You need to ensure that your Mac is turned off. In case it is not responding because of the white, blue, or grey screen, then hold the power button of Mac and keep on holding it for the next few seconds so that it shuts down.

Hold the command and R key and power the Mac once again. Continue to press command+R key when your Mac computer is booting up.

When the computer goes into the recovery mode, you will get an access to the utilities. Go to disk utility, click on it and then start searching for your Mac drive’s icon. Now, select verify disk. In case there are issues with the disk, then you must look for disk utility to get rid of the issue. Navigate to repair disk and click on it. These are the things that you can do in the recovery mode:

  • Restore by going to the time machine backup to solve the problem of Mac won’t turn on.
  • Make use of disk utility for repairing and verifying the connected drives.
  • Check network connection
  • Obtain support online using Safari
  • Reinstall the Mac operating system

5) Safe Boot Your MacOS

Safe boot creates a limitation on the functionality. And checks that are performed by your Mac computer. Safe boot IS a specific diagnostics on your computer. This is a rare thing but it works when it comes to starting a mac not turning on. It helps in successfully starting your Mac computer. After that, it restarts in a normal way.

Turn off your Mac and press shift, safe boot can take some time. If you wish to  get a feedback of what is going on, then you can do so by pressing Command+V+Shift key together at the same time.This will open up the verbose mode which will give you the details of what is going on in the safe mode.

6) Check Your File System

Turn off your Mac and again press the Command and S key for launching the mode of single user.  Leave the keys at the time when the black screen with some text disappears. Wait for some time so that the command prompt pops up. After that, type fsck and then go to return. Then, wait for some time.

Once you are done with the different type of checks that will take some time. You will get to view one of these messages, FILE SYSTEM HAS MODIFIED or the volume appears to be OK. If the second message pops up, then enter reboot and then select return.

In case you view the first message, then you will have to run FSCK-FY once again. You can type the command again and then select return. In case, this does not work out, then move to the next step.

7) Reset the SMC

There are certain cases where you are required to reset system management controller.  This is one of the best solutions to resolve the Mac wont turn on problem. This is the last option you are left with before the last resort of reinstalling the MacOS. All you have to do is to press Shift+control+alt at the time of connecting the power wire. If you are using a desktop Mac, then let the power wire remain disconnected for the next  15 seconds. Now, connect it again and then wait for a few seconds. After that, press the power button to solve the issue of Mac won’t turn on.

8) Reinstall the MAC Operating System

Use Mac OS recovery for reinstallation of the Mac operating system. Start booting your Mac in the recovery mode and then install the latest OS by following the commands on the screen.

So, these are some of the methods that you can use to solve the issue of Apple Mac wont turn on. We hope that this article could provide you solution to your problem.

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