How to Connect AirPods to a MacBook?

How to Connect AirPods to a MacBook?

AirPods are the Bluetooth wireless ear buds which is construction by Apple, Apple has released his first AirPods in 2016. There are several feature unlike audio, it has build-in microphone. That is used to filter outside noise, it also can detect your clicks means how many times you have clicked like one time or more than one time. It also support pausing automatically feature, when you pulling out this from your ears.

Here We are Going to Explain. How to Connect AirPods to a MacBook and Which Type of Difficulty Faced by User During the Connection with MacBook.

Connect AirPods to a MacBook

Connecting your Airpods is quite easy to connect with iphone and ipad. But it is quite difficult to connect with your MacBook due to technology differences.

You should be confirm first that if you have connected your airpods with your iphone. Then you do not need to require extra setup for this because you have get your apple id already. You simply login your MacBook with existing apple id.

So if no extra setup is required You simple test. That your MacBook is able to connect your airpods, for testing this, insert airpods in your ears, and try to select Bluetooth icon. Which should be located on your MacBook screen. If you are not able to see airpods in the list. You simply click on to “connect” option to connect them. Generally it does not happens, but you are facing this scenario, you need to follow some steps.

Few Steps to Pair Your AirPods with Your MacBook:

Step 1 : First you need to click on the Bluetooth symbol on your MacBook. Which is located on the menu bar of your MacBook. And you need to make sure that your Bluetooth device should be active.

Step 2 : By using the same drop down menu, you need to select open Bluetooth preferences option.

Step 3 : Suppose your Airpods is in charging mode, you need to open the lid by flipping the cover.

Step 4 : Now you need to press the hold the button which is located on the rear of the case for some time. Until the light turn white for your case status.

Step 5 : Now you are able to see your airpods in the Bluetooth device section on your MacBook.

Step 6 : Now you need to click on connect to establish successful connection.

Step 7 : Wait for few second, now you will see that you have successfully connected your Airpods with your MacBook.

Now you can move freely and enjoy the devices.

Connect AirPods to a MacBook

Now We are Discussing Some Issues Faces to Connect AirPods to a MacBook by the User

By adopting above steps. You can connect your Airpods with your MacBook but still user facing some issue. Like they have connected your Airpods with their iPhone but not able to connect with your Macbook.

Q: Is Your AirPods Remains Connected with Your iPhone?

Ans. Apple claims that you can connect multiple devices with your Airpods but some time it happens. When you connect more devices with your Airpods, it might refuse the connection and user facing such type of problem.

For avoiding such type of problem. You need to go into setting section where you will get ‘Bluetooth and disabling bluetooth’. You can do this by using control center shortcut. But we do not recommend to use this short cut because control centre short cut does not disable this option. And it is recommended to allow only apple branded device due to compatible issue.

User are Facing Out of Battery Issue

Some time user is facing this problem due to battery issue. If your battery is not full charge. Than this might be the case to connect Airpods to a MacBook, for resolving this issue. You need to open the case of your Airpods and check weather light is blinking or not. If it is not blinking, you need to recharge your battery to smooth connectivity.

Connect AirPods to a MacBook

If Your AirPods is Not Responding

After adopting above the solutions. If your Airpods is not responding now. You can go for factory resetting option for your Airpods. Now you need to try to set it up from scratch. For doing this you need to hold the setup button. Which is located at the top of Airpods for three to four seconds. Until the light blinks for three and four time.

These are the step by step procedure to connect AirPods to a MacBook. And some issue with answer, which user generally faces.

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