How to set up Wi-Fi printer on Mac?

How to set up Wi-Fi printer on Mac?

Get ready to take a quick fix and make an easy setup of a Wi-Fi printer on Mac:-

How to setup Wi-Fi printer on MAC?

Using a wireless or a wired printer, it is too easy to print any doc file from a mac systems without directly connecting the computer to the printer. This is highly beneficial in all offices where network wires get collides or unable to exist or in temporary offices where you don’t want to invest any single money to install a wired network of a mac apple devices. You also may want a wireless printer in your home so that your family members feel free of cables when connected to your multiple computer devices & then can print to share with one of a printer device without having any clutter up your home especially taking with cables.

Steps to make a setup Wi-Fi printer on Mac as stated below:-

1) First of all, select the Wi-Fi network using the devices & printer that is built-in controls. After this, it promptly asks to type a desired network credentials as username and password only if it is a secured network.

2) Now get to install a printer driver into a Mac device from a CD. If there is no CD is required, then download the software as per the printer’s model.

3) To do so, choose system preferences tab under the Dock heading of a mac system.

4) Choose an option to print & Fax, in a hardware section of a control panel device.

5) Then click to the + icon located as the left hand side of a control panel heading.

6) Then Let’s select an IP tab as situated at the top of the pop-up mac window. Now select an Internet Protocol (IPP) from the list of it as available protocols to connect a Wi-Fi printer.

7) Type in an actual printer’s IP address whether you printer set up as wired or wireless, and then name the queue.

8) Now select the correct one printer driver under the section of a print using into the drop-down menu of an apple mac device.

9) At last, click the add button and get to finish the setup of the wireless printer. The printer will now show up as an available device the next time you print a document and check it by doing a self test print. /it really works.

Describing the second method for setting up the Wi-Fi printer with Mac.


  • Firstly click on the mac apple icon as shown on the left hand side corner of a system. Now click by choosing system preferences.
  • Then give a one click on the printers and scanners icon.
  • While to so, click on a plus sign (+), to add a printer machine or make a setup of a Wi-Fi printer into mac.
  • A new mac window will opened. Click on the IP icon at the top and fill out the information.
  • Then add the printer into mac apple laptop or any other device. It appears in your printer machine that the given list has configured. Now at last, Print a self- test page to confirm the printer is functioning correctly and gives smooth printing through a Wi-Fi access or not.

Go through these steps and take a first step to make a setup of a Wi-Fi printer with mac. We thankfully think that you get feasible solutions related to Wi-Fi printer setup on mac.

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